It Started with Psych Homework

We have this task on our Psychology class wherein we would have to write down what we’re gonna be dreaming tonight, or something we’ve dreamt of in the past. If my homework will be based on whatever I will be dreaming tonight, I would definitely have a blank  paper tomorrow.

So, my classmates and I were talking about it over lunch, and I’ve had sudden flashbacks of my childhood nightmares. Just thinking about it was really creepy. Just like the one where I dreamt of me and my family living in a like a bungalow type of house in a grassland surrounded by the woods. I really don’t know how that made sense but I don’t think the rest of the story will, too.  So as I was saying, we were living in this bungalow kind of house. There was a kind of argument, and I forgot what that part was, but end result was that my younger brother got mad and just went berserk. I don’t know what happened but in a split second he had knife in his hands and started stabbing each member of the family. My dream was in first person mode, meaning it was all happening in my point of view. I saw all of them got stabbed to death, making me the only one left. That just made my instincts tell me, “Run!”. However, he was able to divert his attention on me and instantly slashed my legs, making me unable to run. I crawled on the floor hoping I would be able to reach for the exit, but he grabbed my head and BAM! I just heard myself scream, the view flying high above the roof until it was reaching the sky…then, I woke up.

I ran to my mom as fast as I could, and hugged her tight. I just can’t imagine my own little brother doing that to my family… our family. I didn’t know how my brain could’ve made such a situation, since my brother was even more loving than me. Well he does have some sort of anger issues same as me, but I know it wouldn’t come to a point of killing other people. Well, dreams will be dreams. They might be horrifying at times, but at least at the end of the day I was able to realize how important family was to me.


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