Just Another Busy Thursday

Damn. So this is what they call being busy. And this is how frustrating it feels when you see time just like diamond.

Well as always, I have my Psychology class at 9:15AM. Usually I wake up around 8AM (which is pretty late already, considering the 30-min ride from our place). However today I was able to get up around 7AM, since the thoughts for the day keep bothering me making me sleep so uneasily. So yea, i got to school early and was able to make my assignment just in time before our teacher stepped into the room. Sat around for about an hour before we went to the food court to have a working lunch.

I actually had my afternoon all planned out already. At 1PM we were gonna have our SAD Consultation.. and it doesn’t matter if it takes hours as long as I can be able to have my ‘sideline’ at 3PM and meeting with the Ciphers Dance Crew at 4PM. However, it turns out we were gonna be the 3rd one meeting our teacher and I had to endure a dragging 2 more hours to wait for the other groups to finish their SAD Consultation. During those 2 hours I just can’t keep myself from looking at the time, even if I was distracting myself by watching Kimi ni Todoke. But still that didn’t help. At 3PM, my group mates and I were able to get into the room with our teacher and got through with the consultation. Gone through the Ciphers meeting at 4PM, with a lot of calls and messages from my friend who offered me the sideline. Fortunately, that friend understood that I also had other responsibilities to take care of. So yeah.. I got there past 5PM already, and was worried about my dance practice @ 6PM. (I hate being late at practice. I had to pay fines and do additional warm-up exercises -_-) The client wasn’t really that computer-literate, so I had a little bit of a problem explaining to him some stuff regarding the problems and recommendations on the PC. In addition, the PC can’t read my HDD and even corrupts folders of my friend’s Flash Drive. Yeah, it did hassle me, but I wouldn’t do that much effort without being paid. At least I was able to earn extra cash. $__$

As for the last activity of the day, Lord’s Artwerkz Dance Crew practice, I was able to unnerve and have fun and just sweat out those negative vibes I had for the day, not to mention I was able to see and talk to her again during practice. Seeing her look at me just makes me smile and makes me want to see her do the same. I dunno. She just has this ability to make me feel refreshed with her smile and cute laugh 😀 More often, I do consider her just being an inspiration/crush/someone I just like, but sometimes I kinda think of her just as a little sister or kinda like a kindergarten playmate. Ya know..just laughing about stuff and teasing each other if someone gets a step wrong, and not minding other people whether they care or not.. ya know what I’m saying?

At the end of the day, we should be thinking what really life should be. It’s not really all about being a busy person working day and night for survival. It’s just enjoying life itself. We wouldn’t last long if we know we don’t love the things we do and do the things we love. Sometimes, all we need to do is relax. Laugh. Play. Just like kindergarten. 🙂


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