Clerks and Jobs

I started to have this sideline of working as a clerk starting last Tuesday, and maaaaan is it a pain in the ass.

Well firstly, I gotta wake up early to get there by 9am and srsly, I don’t like waking up early in the morning. Usually I get up at around lunch already (considering it’s summer) since I’m insomniac and usually get to bed at around 2, 3, or 4AM. Secondly, I have 9 working hours daily, and all I gotta do is sit all day waiting for a customer, and do the auditing at the end of the day. And the auditing isn’t that enjoyable either =.= kaya nga ako nag-Information Technology diba, kasi ayoko nyang mga ganyan-ganyan, all that balancing, computations, auditing shit. Even though we have Math in IT, we focus more on the algorithms rather than the computation itself. Ansarap nga gawan nlng sila ng program sa system nila just to make all things easier as their clerk, kaso, I’m just hired there for less than a week as my friend’s substitute and it’s a different story if I made them a program myself (yeah I’m talking about $$$$).

So yeah, I’ll be staying there until Saturday, but it’s as if Saturday is still a looooong way ahead. It’s just so hard when you don’t like your job and you’re not doing the things that you love and the things that you’re well capable of, but I guess this is a taste of what the future might be in store for me. Because soon, I won’t just be sitting in front of the computer all day, coding and all that stuff. I’d have to face people and encounter different personalities. My boss even advised me to be tough when dealing with customers, or else they’ll be the ones harassing you (yeahhh and she has a point. proven.). So for now all I’m left to do is man up and hang on. 🙂


Groove Stylz 9, Concluded

FINALLY! GS9 is over! 😀

Well all those hard work finally met its conclusion. We’ve been practicing for over a month already for Groove Stylz 9 and finally we were able to present our piece and awe the audience with it. It was really a fun and worthwhile journey with my LA family, and it’s hard to imagine the upcoming days not to meet them for practice anymore and do bonding time more often.

Also, I’ve heard my mom say “I’m so proud of you seeing you on stage.” right after we did our piece, and ya know, I think it was really a long time since she said that. Maybe she just doesn’t say that much often, just like my dad, so I almost got teary-eyed when she spoke those words paired with a kiss on the cheeks. I don’t wanna get so overemotional in front of other people, but seeing her be so supportive of what I love to do just stirs so many emotions that I cannot describe a single word to describe it. 

All in all, I would say this day would be a memorable one. It’s one of those days that can make you have a lot of realizations and emotional stuff because it’s sorta like a conclusion. Everything’s gotta have an ending. And I say, GS9 is definitely a great ending to its story. 🙂

GS9 in 3 Days

I’m effin’ excited for this Saturday’s event!

All that sweat and muscle pains and Power runs will come to pay off. I’ve been sleeping late a lot lately because I’ve been balancing my studies with my dancing. Not an easy thing to do, honestly. Maybe that’s why they’re saying “You can only get the best from one of those two. If you choose to be best at both, then you’d really be having problems”. And I thought, yeaaaah…maybe they’re right. But there’s always nothing wrong with trying. With luck, maybe I can be best both in dancing AND my acads. But since summer class is officially over, I can focus myself now in making my Groove Stylz 9 performance a great one. 🙂

LAN vs Online

Everybody loves games. Different. types. of. games. >:)

Who wouldn’t know what Counter Strike or Dota is? It’s probably the most popular LAN game in the world! But there’s this frustration I have been keeping to myself for a long time. I don’t play those games.

Yeah, seriously. I don’t play Counter Strike or Dota. I did try both games at one time in my life just so I could get the feel of the games. However, I really don’t know why those kinds of games doesn’t interest me. AT ALL. I’ve been told by my friends a couple of times, “Bayuta nimo oy di ka nagadula ani?” (“Are you gay or what? Why don’t you play these kinds of games?”)

Well this is what I think:

1. The Leveling (applies to Dota only)

Idunno… I really don’t get the whole level-to-25-then-let’s-restart idea. I mean, it would normally take around 30 mins to get to max..then the real battle happens. Personally, I don’t like leveling to that level then restart the level again whenever the game ends. I want something that could just be continued whenever I have extra time if I’m not that busy. And yeah I’m talking about MMORPGs. You login, logout, and still be able to save from where you left. You can continue leveling for another time, maybe sometime you aren’t busy or bored, plus you get to talk to people from different countries.

2. Time spent

I’ve seen my friends play those games and spend a lot of time and money at internet cafes.. Yeah plus the saving part wherein they can’t continue where they left off. I just don’t get that. =.=

3. $$ Money $$

I have friends and also my lil bro who plays MMORPGs too, and they get a hefty sum of money out of it. My brother who is studying at Manila right now almost got 16k from a bulk trade of in-game items. However, this is considered as “black market” and he got banned for some time for doing so. Though, he still had some cash from the trades he had before that ban.

I’m not saying that those kind of games are useless. They do give some fun to other people, but I just don’t find it amusing. After a few minutes of shooting, I’d rather wanna surf online and update my networking sites or do some other things worthwhile. Maybe my personality is just kicking in, finding the more logical side of things and asking myself “why am I doing this anyway?”. So yeah, it’s just play style y’all. No hatin’! haha :))

I Need Sleeeeeeeep

GAAAHHH! I haven’t been getting enough sleep for a while now, and I think my body’s still coping up.

Usually I just have around 3 hrs to sleep in the morning now, unlike my 8-hour habit. It’s exam week, anyway so I’m tolerating this. After this, I’m free as fuck. But I’m definitely not liking my naps while I’m on jeepneys… usually I get a kilometer past home and I need to get another jeepney to drive me back. -__-


At last I’m not breaking my streaks in writing my entries! I just hate it when I get to miss posting here in WordPress because of the busy sched.

Stress in 3..2..1.

I always live by the principle “violence doesn’t solve anything”.

Just had a really tough night. My crew mates got into a little..let’s just saaaay, a “hot discussion” witht he other crew. They were kinda like arguing because of lack of respect on both parties. I don’t really mind them if we’re practicing, or whatever they are saying towards our performance, but our leader just doesn’t think that way. He thinks of us like his kids and is kinda protective and touchy when it comes to the other crews picking on us. He has a lot of patience though. But I guess what happened last night was the tipping point and he kinda like burst out and wants to beat the hell outta the other crew’s member. Of course we didn’t want that to happen and stopped him from doing so. So yeah, a little discussion between him and some of our crew members, then another discussion happened between the 2 crews. But I guess bottom line is, it wasn’t really settled because anger was the front liner.

Personally, I thought that the moral or the objective was good, however, the action wasn’t really able to compliment it. I don’t really like being stuck in these kind of situations, but if I did, I know I could’ve solved it in a different manner. Yeah, we had misunderstandings with the other crew, especially when practice begins. Furthermore, we had to share the space where we practice even though just like our leader said “that we were the first ones to use it”.

I even tried to have my say on the matter, and said that if we get too carried away with the situation, it will be on our disadvantage since we still lack practicing. But sad as it may seem, he just shut me off and I don’t want to be in any trouble nor be part of that argument, so yeah, I just kept my mouth shut. I think it just frustrates me that we’re always the crew not finishing practice because of unfortunate situations like that. I really really wanna practice the dance, considering also the time left for us to be able to synchronize and master the figures. It’s my first time to join a crew like this and be able to perform with these people, so I just don’t want things to be that? So I just want everyone to keep their cool…like they always do, and just make those negative kind of things be their motivation to perform better and better. 🙂