Managing My May 2012

It’s officially the start of May 2012, and seriously, I still got a load some of things still unfinished.

First off, we have our Systems Analysis and Design. The effin reason why I wasn’t able to have my OJT on time. =_= Well things can’t be undone, and I’m already here wherever I am now, so better move on with life. So yea, I’m still not finished yet with our program and I’m kinda having doubts if I can really make it on time. I really feel like the pressure is on me, ya know.. because I’m the one making the output of the documents my groupmates are making. I’m the one who will make the program that we will be passing. And programming is not really that easy. Sometimes I just get stuck on stuff, and I need to get my head cleared off from distractions.

Secondly, I think my head’s a bit into dancing that I wasn’t really focused on my academics recently. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I met new people with different personalities and could think also the way I think. I’m able to learn new choreography and develop myself with dancing. However, I think I’m just a bit too overwhelmed that sometimes I think I’m neglecting my studies already. I know what I should do, but it’s hard giving advice/suggestions to yourself, ya know? That’s already determination. What I need is the motivation.

Classes will be ending on May 19, we’ll be having our mock defense on May 10, and our (final?) consultation this Wednesday. We have practices almost everyday; if not, it’s because we have events to go to as a group. Although some aren’t required, I just have that voice inside my head telling me to go. Heck. And also, the GrooveStylz 9 will be on May 26. Although (I think) we’re already done with all the dances, we still have to rehearse over and over again for synchronization and mastery. And that means I would be spending less time at night doing our SAD project.

Hopefully I can get all things done before their end dates. I really really don;t want to flunk my SAD course again. =.= Maybe all I really need now is time management and discipline. I just wish I had those extra time I had in vacation be used now so I can have more time on coding. Unfortunately, I’m not like a god or anything and I can’t travel into space and time…so, too bad for me. So, I just wanna wish me and my classmates a very productive May. 🙂 GO FIGHT WIN!


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