5 Advantages of Being a Big Brother/Sister

I saw my cousin crying the other day before I left for school. She just got scolded by her mom because of Joli’s (her younger sister) mischiefs. I just can’t stand her talking to her self murmuring stuff, because I went through that stage too. I knew how it felt to be scolded for something you didn’t do. Heck, even grownups also get accused. But she’s still young and she still has a lot to learn. So even when I’m not so good at speaking emo shit to my cousins or even to my siblings, I just had to tell her “It’s okay, I’ve also gone through whatever you’re feeling now” to make her feel there’s other people who feels the same as she does; to make her feel she’s not alone. But even though we, elder bros and bras, always get the blame for our younger siblings’ misbehaviors, we still got a lot of advantages for being one.

1. We don’t get second-handed stuff. Well in my case, I didn’t. We’re the first born kids, so we always get to have new stuff. By the time our younger bro/sis meets the world, our old stuff are also ready to meet him/her 😀

2. We get to have the most special names. Special, because our mom and dad really thought of our names to be after them (generally). I’ve known a lot of kuyas having their names from their dad, just like those who have “Jr.”, “I”, “II”, “III”, etc. in their names. Not all kids born after the first one get to be named like this. Usually the younger ones get their names from their grandmas and grandpas, but seldom from their mom and dads.

3. We get to be the leader of the pack. Just like wolves, we get to be the “Alpha Male” and be the role model or the “boss” of our younger siblings. If you’re kinda feeling evil, you can always order them around if you want to, but that would just make them hate you. 😀 If you need respect from them, you’d have to give them respect also. They do look up to you as a role model, so that one day they could be like you. What goes around comes around, so just be mindful of your actions 🙂

4. Our parents always have our eyes on us, even when they say they love us and our siblings equally. Like seriously, who gets all the pressure to be a good kid and make us act, speak, look, or generally be like them? They always make sure we do good and even make us look over our siblings if they are not around. They always expect and assume that we are the responsible one, since we’re the kuyas or ates in the family. Well in my case, as a kid, I get pressured in getting good grades and thought of graduating on time so I could give back, but now that I’m in college they just became more supportive to whatever my heart tells me to do (Yeah, because in college there will always come a time that you’ll face a grade that’ll blow your parents’ mind off.. haha). 

5. Lastly, we get to move out of the house first. 🙂 Of course if we’re gonna graduate and have a job of our own, we’ll be able to move out and have a house of our own. Build our own family and stuff like that, but I won’t cover any of that in this entry because even I am not thinking about any of that stuff happening to me any sooner. 😀 So yeah, we get to have a job ahead from our younger sibs.. and they’re still stuck on school. Although I don’t think that’s really an advantage since we’ll be asked by our folks to help them on the bills and stuff =.= bummer.

All in all, don’t be so hateful on being a big brother or a big sister. In the long run, we’d be able to love and live with that kind of life. So all you kuyas and ates out there..cheer up! Show them what you’re made of! 🙂



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