Happy Birthday Grandma!



I’ve been wanting to blog for days already! It’s just that there was just a lot of happenings lately and I only got a couple of minutes to check my social networking accounts such as my Facebook or Twitter. I had to code late night since my dance practices didn’t allow me to do it at an earlier time. Fortunately, we were able to have a good consultation regarding the program and all the faults were pointed out quite precisely. Well I do know some of the system’s problems, it’s just that I tend to forget to debug them because of other stuff. 😛 

Now that I’ve set other things aside, I’m finally able to write again an entry for today. Oh and yeah, I forgot to mention today is my grandma’s birthday.. so shoutout to my grandma Alejandra S. Barrientos..Happy 77th birthday, Lola 😀 kinda sad that I wasn’t able to join the for lunch and dinner. I had classes and the breaks were kinda short, so I had to eat at school. They even took pictures without meee! >__< But I’m still happy with the Chocolate Mousse they left in the fridge for me, and also some leftover Lechon Baboy (although I’m not really fond of eating it), Dinuguan, and all those other food I can’t name. 😀 

So yeah.. this week’s really a busy week for me. LADC members have a gig tomorrow at SM Annex, and we still have a GUDC Community Dance practice come Saturday. I just wish my weekend can be extended and be able to rest. Fatigue’s kicking in and I think I really need a full body massage right now! haha.. That’s it for now, since I need to finish my Choco Mousse… Ciao! 🙂


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