Community Dance Turn-offs

Seems like I’m really having trouble keeping my time management nowadays. I can’t seem to have enough spare time for blogging. :/ 

 Well we had our GUDC Community Dance practice the other day. It’s like a production number at the end of the show where all crews are gonna dance together. This year, as said by our master choreographer Bryan Grandeza, is gonna be different, since we won’t be dancing with our crews. Instead, we’ll be dancing with our teams. “It will be fun”, I thought. I guess I just thought so soon.

IMO, they’re not that really bad dancers. They’re kinda good actually. I’m not saying this in a bragging manner. I’m just trying to be objective. But yeah, they’re not that bad, not that good..just okay. The real issue I had really was about how they interact with other people. Firstly, the members were really passive. Passive to a point that I feel like this group’s full of dead zombies =_= They’re kinda like the “Yes, sir. Yes, ma’am.” kinda guys, and would just do whatever you tell them to. No questions or no clarifications. AT. ALL. Although, the leader’s were standing up for the group, it seems like they’re not even taking things into consideration. They choreographed the dance, but there was a part wherein we had to compress and do a pose and shit like that, but we know deep inside that that figure wouldn’t be possible. Because 1. He said to expand the formation because the venue would have a large stage AND 2. He wants us to compress in the center in 2 counts. Heck?! Do we have Flash superpowers here? I was trying to explain to him that that wasn’t possible and suggested some alternatives, but instead of listening, he just said “Hindi, kelangan kasi yun sa para sa B-boy na entrance..para may boom! effect ba” (“No, we need that for the B-boy there would be a boom! effect”). So okay, I just left it at that..since he’s the appointed leader and choreographer of the group. But after seeing the other groups perform their piece, all I can say to myself was “KMN”. They had great tricks, formations and figures compared to our piece. Damn I felt like trash! I felt like I lost my gusto in dancing with them and instead of dancing with my swag on, I just danced like I was just playing around. Well who would take ’em seriously? Even my friend who is in the team didn’t like dancing. 

I really had bad vibes that night, and discussed this with 2 of my friends. I knew I would feel a lot better if they knew about it and not wonder why I wasn’t talking and had a really bad aura the whole night. Also, because of that incident, I know that I really grew as a dancer. If I didn’t, then maybe I was still one of those “Yes, sir. Yes, ma’am.” members of the team. If I didn’t, then I wouldn’t know that our piece really lacks formation, leveling and that BOOM you get from the dance itself, and not just because of B-boys entering it. I know that I’ve really learned a lot from the LADC crew, and they’re really great people. They’re my, no, not just friends, because we’re family. And I’m hoping I could develop myself more as a dancer and as a person with them in the future.


Lord’s Artwerkz Dance Crew


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