Friends and Flashbacks

Friends are just the worst enemies you can have.

We all have our little arguments with our friends. Some, more than others. But I don’t believe that there’s such a thing as “friendship over” kinda thing.  Ya know.. even when you lose communication and don’t meet up for a veeeeeery very long period of time, you’d still be friends. Although, not as close as you should’ve been.

I always have this certain flashback every time I have quarrels with my buddies. A friend of mine back in high school heard someone say some things behind my back about my relationship with my friends. She heard him/her saying, “Ginadown man gud daw nimo imong mga amigo” (“You always pull your friends down”). So every time I had arguments with my friends, I always hear this statement in my head over and over. It kinda makes me think if it’s really true that I always get to pull my friends down, even unconsciously. I think that maybe it was right, because I can catch myself sometimes having negative comments on my friends in a mock-y or sarcastic manner. But at times I don’t really mean it, because I just treat it as a joke or something. Well I don’t really consider myself that friendly, because I think I isolate myself too much on a small group of friends. I consider a large group of friends as a hard thing to handle, because probably they will have smaller groups sooner or later. So yeah, I’m telling myself I still have a few friends even though I do have many friends. The matter is that they are only in different groups. As what I have learned in Psychology, people get to group things according to similarity. So I have group friends that I can share stuff about dancing, another group about personal stuff, and etc. But sometimes I’m just finding that kind of person that I can talk about anything. I did find some people who are like that, who has many interests and all…and call me selfish but, I really want that person to stick by me on whatever whenever wherever. hahaha yeah I know, I know. Funny? #emoshit

Well I know I can’t really do everything as I wish, and neither can others do theirs. But friends will always remain friends. Not really the right kind of friend I’m looking for, but they might just compliment whatever personality I have. Arguments may come, but it’s the reason why you get to know that friend better and have stronger bonds after you’ve solved the problem. Because you know yourself, that in the end, friends are the worst enemies because you just can’t stand staying mad at them for so long and not miss ’em. 🙂


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