First Impressions

Admit it. We all have our first impressions.

I got a chance to ask my friends on their first impression about me. Some said I was like the quiet type, others said I was cheerful. I could also remember one of my close friends telling me he thought I was a gangster. And others said I looked pasaway (mischievous). 

I really have fun asking people about their first impressions. Not because I want to prove them wrong, but because I just wanna know why they thought of me that way, because yeah, there is always that additional question “WHY?” in the end. But really.. sometimes I don’t know why they thought of me like that. Some first impressions were really the opposite of what your personality is. Like if you’re a cheery person, can other people really still see you being a quiet type? This is one question I have been asking myself for quite a long time already. Yea, because college can really stir you up, ya know. Ask questions about yourself and your lifestyle and all that shit. 

But in the end, first impressions will be first impressions. Maybe they’re true or not, but it’s still one thing that could affect the way you approach the person. You don’t wanna approach someone you think of as a gangster, right? 🙂 So even though first impressions never last, it does make a mark.


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