Happy Mothers’ Day!

Today’s the best day to show our love to our moms! hell yeaaahhh!

As any kid would say about her mother, “She’s the best mom in the world”. Well of course, she’s your only mom. Duh? haha! But seriously, she’s the best woman you could ever have in your life. She carried you for 9 months and together with your dad, raised you to become the person who you are today. Corny as it may seem, she’s the perfect example for a person who would “die for you”. No mother would want any harm done to her child. All she wants is the best. Yeah, other mothers might be the Tigress mothers, which means they show negative reinforcement to push their kids to do better, but all she really wants is her children to survive when they are out there in the world. So to all moms out there, I salute you for your love and care for your kids. My mom might not be here now in the city with me, but pretty I’m sure she knows what I’m feeling. 🙂 And if there are any words better than “I love you” and “Thank you”, I’d definitely tell her that.

Happy Mothers’ Day



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