Sometimes I catch myself smiling or giggling or laughing even at the simplest of things. I don’t know why I have that habit, though. People even sometimes see me as kinda immature because I look like an idiot smiling at nothingness. Yeah, there are some thoughts in my head that suddenly pop out and makes me smile. But I assure you, I am not crazy. >:)

And after a few minutes of cogitation, reflection, concentration, imagination, consideration and careful examination of my actions, I have come up with the top 5 reasons why other people SHOULD BE smiling. At all times. No exceptions.


1. It’s a great cover up.

Yep. It’s a really really great cover up for people. All except for people who kinda have bad poker-faces? I saw one episode of Naruto wherein Sai (the ninja who doesn’t have emotions) had this guide book on how to smile, and was able to confuse his other teammates because of smiling and a little bit of sarcasm. But for us, non-ninja people, we often use smiling when we feel bad so that other people won’t seem to notice. However, there are still some (especially friends who really know you) who can see in your eyes that you are not okay, thus breaking your greatly planned cover up. 😀

2. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile.

Cliche. Self-explanatory. Let’s just leave it as is.

3. It gives you a great perspective of life.

Have you tried waking up and smile at the beautiful sunrise in the horizon, the cold morning breeze touching your skin and hear the birds chirping near your bedroom window? No? Me neither. Usually I wake up at lunch, so yeaaahh, I don’t enjoy the piercing sun touching my skin nor its rays radiating my eyes. But the moment I had my breakfast and dress up, that’s the time I’m able to look at things differently. This item does require a little bit of optimism though, because you can never look at the greater things of life if you don’t see the brighter side of things. But smiling at it does make a start. After encountering problems, just shrug it off for a while and smile, that’s not the only thing you’d be encountering the whole day. 🙂

4. It lightens up your problems.

I used the term “lighten up” because I don’t wanna use the word “solve”. Well smiling alone doesn’t solve the problem, but looking at it having numerous solutions do. Like the above, smiling gives you the opportunity to be optimistic, so just grab that chance and look at the brighter side of things.

5.  It makes other people smile too.

Personally, when I encounter many problems, I appreciate my friends when they say “Sus oy! Hayaan mo nlng yan. Maso-solve mo rin yan” (“Gahh! Just let it be. You can solve that, anyway.”) and pair it with a smile.


I dunno.. they just give me this positive energy and instantly I know I could really solve that problem no matter how difficult it is. So I assume the same things happens when I smile at other people too. I can see them having smiles on their faces and I know I did something, even a small thing as it is, worthwhile.


There’s really nothing I would lose if I smile at other people. Seeing the world now with all the animosity and chaos, the least thing I could do is brighten up another person’s day, hoping that he or she might be able to brighten up another person’s day, and so on and so forth. Yeah they could call me crazy or idiotic, but at least they still manage to smile on saying that. 🙂


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