Stress in 3..2..1.

I always live by the principle “violence doesn’t solve anything”.

Just had a really tough night. My crew mates got into a little..let’s just saaaay, a “hot discussion” witht he other crew. They were kinda like arguing because of lack of respect on both parties. I don’t really mind them if we’re practicing, or whatever they are saying towards our performance, but our leader just doesn’t think that way. He thinks of us like his kids and is kinda protective and touchy when it comes to the other crews picking on us. He has a lot of patience though. But I guess what happened last night was the tipping point and he kinda like burst out and wants to beat the hell outta the other crew’s member. Of course we didn’t want that to happen and stopped him from doing so. So yeah, a little discussion between him and some of our crew members, then another discussion happened between the 2 crews. But I guess bottom line is, it wasn’t really settled because anger was the front liner.

Personally, I thought that the moral or the objective was good, however, the action wasn’t really able to compliment it. I don’t really like being stuck in these kind of situations, but if I did, I know I could’ve solved it in a different manner. Yeah, we had misunderstandings with the other crew, especially when practice begins. Furthermore, we had to share the space where we practice even though just like our leader said “that we were the first ones to use it”.

I even tried to have my say on the matter, and said that if we get too carried away with the situation, it will be on our disadvantage since we still lack practicing. But sad as it may seem, he just shut me off and I don’t want to be in any trouble nor be part of that argument, so yeah, I just kept my mouth shut. I think it just frustrates me that we’re always the crew not finishing practice because of unfortunate situations like that. I really really wanna practice the dance, considering also the time left for us to be able to synchronize and master the figures. It’s my first time to join a crew like this and be able to perform with these people, so I just don’t want things to be that? So I just want everyone to keep their cool…like they always do, and just make those negative kind of things be their motivation to perform better and better. 🙂


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