LAN vs Online

Everybody loves games. Different. types. of. games. >:)

Who wouldn’t know what Counter Strike or Dota is? It’s probably the most popular LAN game in the world! But there’s this frustration I have been keeping to myself for a long time. I don’t play those games.

Yeah, seriously. I don’t play Counter Strike or Dota. I did try both games at one time in my life just so I could get the feel of the games. However, I really don’t know why those kinds of games doesn’t interest me. AT ALL. I’ve been told by my friends a couple of times, “Bayuta nimo oy di ka nagadula ani?” (“Are you gay or what? Why don’t you play these kinds of games?”)

Well this is what I think:

1. The Leveling (applies to Dota only)

Idunno… I really don’t get the whole level-to-25-then-let’s-restart idea. I mean, it would normally take around 30 mins to get to max..then the real battle happens. Personally, I don’t like leveling to that level then restart the level again whenever the game ends. I want something that could just be continued whenever I have extra time if I’m not that busy. And yeah I’m talking about MMORPGs. You login, logout, and still be able to save from where you left. You can continue leveling for another time, maybe sometime you aren’t busy or bored, plus you get to talk to people from different countries.

2. Time spent

I’ve seen my friends play those games and spend a lot of time and money at internet cafes.. Yeah plus the saving part wherein they can’t continue where they left off. I just don’t get that. =.=

3. $$ Money $$

I have friends and also my lil bro who plays MMORPGs too, and they get a hefty sum of money out of it. My brother who is studying at Manila right now almost got 16k from a bulk trade of in-game items. However, this is considered as “black market” and he got banned for some time for doing so. Though, he still had some cash from the trades he had before that ban.

I’m not saying that those kind of games are useless. They do give some fun to other people, but I just don’t find it amusing. After a few minutes of shooting, I’d rather wanna surf online and update my networking sites or do some other things worthwhile. Maybe my personality is just kicking in, finding the more logical side of things and asking myself “why am I doing this anyway?”. So yeah, it’s just play style y’all. No hatin’! haha :))


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