Groove Stylz 9, Concluded

FINALLY! GS9 is over! 😀

Well all those hard work finally met its conclusion. We’ve been practicing for over a month already for Groove Stylz 9 and finally we were able to present our piece and awe the audience with it. It was really a fun and worthwhile journey with my LA family, and it’s hard to imagine the upcoming days not to meet them for practice anymore and do bonding time more often.

Also, I’ve heard my mom say “I’m so proud of you seeing you on stage.” right after we did our piece, and ya know, I think it was really a long time since she said that. Maybe she just doesn’t say that much often, just like my dad, so I almost got teary-eyed when she spoke those words paired with a kiss on the cheeks. I don’t wanna get so overemotional in front of other people, but seeing her be so supportive of what I love to do just stirs so many emotions that I cannot describe a single word to describe it. 

All in all, I would say this day would be a memorable one. It’s one of those days that can make you have a lot of realizations and emotional stuff because it’s sorta like a conclusion. Everything’s gotta have an ending. And I say, GS9 is definitely a great ending to its story. 🙂


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