Clerks and Jobs

I started to have this sideline of working as a clerk starting last Tuesday, and maaaaan is it a pain in the ass.

Well firstly, I gotta wake up early to get there by 9am and srsly, I don’t like waking up early in the morning. Usually I get up at around lunch already (considering it’s summer) since I’m insomniac and usually get to bed at around 2, 3, or 4AM. Secondly, I have 9 working hours daily, and all I gotta do is sit all day waiting for a customer, and do the auditing at the end of the day. And the auditing isn’t that enjoyable either =.= kaya nga ako nag-Information Technology diba, kasi ayoko nyang mga ganyan-ganyan, all that balancing, computations, auditing shit. Even though we have Math in IT, we focus more on the algorithms rather than the computation itself. Ansarap nga gawan nlng sila ng program sa system nila just to make all things easier as their clerk, kaso, I’m just hired there for less than a week as my friend’s substitute and it’s a different story if I made them a program myself (yeah I’m talking about $$$$).

So yeah, I’ll be staying there until Saturday, but it’s as if Saturday is still a looooong way ahead. It’s just so hard when you don’t like your job and you’re not doing the things that you love and the things that you’re well capable of, but I guess this is a taste of what the future might be in store for me. Because soon, I won’t just be sitting in front of the computer all day, coding and all that stuff. I’d have to face people and encounter different personalities. My boss even advised me to be tough when dealing with customers, or else they’ll be the ones harassing you (yeahhh and she has a point. proven.). So for now all I’m left to do is man up and hang on. 🙂


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