My Medusa

2 seconds.

That was all the time it took for you to get me. Flashing lights dancing with the fountains behind us. You’re just there sitting with a smile on your face. Your eyes gleamed in the night as if they were made up of stars from the heavens. Eyes that reach out to the bottom of my being, gently saying that you’re all I need to make my world become a little less depressing.

2 seconds.

That was also all the time it took for me to remember who you are and realize that all between us will just be fantasy. You know, our worlds just won’t mix. Even though I really want to, I just know that it won’t. You’re living in a world where everything seems to be perfect, which is pretty much contrary to what I’m living in right now. So maybe it was better that I’ve looked away from those eyes of yours after that 2 seconds of unexplainable bliss before anything..happens(?)

Right then and there, I realized that maybe there’s just things in life that, no matter how great our desire for it, will never be ours.

Now all of that is left behind. Strangers, again.. in 2 seconds.


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