Sometimes I question the integrity of actions of the people I call “friends”. It’s hard when you give your trust to people you consider to be part of this category yet deceitfulness is their gameplay.

How do you even know when their intentions are true? As a kid, I’ve always seen this portrait fronting our main door with two dogs and the caption, “If you want to have a friend, be a friend”. I’ve been bringing that principle up until now. Somehow, I really don’t know which part I’m screwing up. Am I really that bad a person? Or is it something I did or said that pushed them off? Or are some just really opportunists that grab you by the feet to make way for their own benefits?

I could never really answer my questions and all I can ever give are assumptions. And I hope that these corrupted thoughts about the people I consider as friends would just leave me be. But somehow, their inconsistency is just comparable with the cliche “action speaks louder than words”.


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