You run away from reality and find sanctuary. But you know very well this sanctuary won’t last for so long; you know that in a matter of hours, minutes, or seconds, you’d be back to your life and face the terrors you’ve been running from. 

You enjoy the company, because you’ll never, ever, ever feel alone. Unlike some of the people you know, these masked people give you the best of advices. Some advice though just get to your head and psych you up, messing what really is, turning it into something totally different.

It gives you things you need, but includes those you don’t wanna see. You love being in it, but it’s a whole new world wherein losers can be gods, and the powerful can be the looked down upon. It’s a terrible world. You see things that you didn’t expect would be happening, but you did, with a few help from a few backstabbing friends namely Instagram, FourSquare Facebook, and Twitter. Streaming does a lot, yeah. You know you’d see something you dislike, but still dare to scroll for more.

Yes, i hate how I love you, Internet. 


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