Formal Introductions

“Ano nga pala name mo?”

That might be the most facepalm-ing thing I would ever hear from someone who has been formally introduced to me. Ever. Ever ever ever ever. How unfortunate it came from someone I really really like. =_= hahaha..But honestly, I may have come up to some situations that I’ve forgotten his/her name after we’ve been introduced. Well who would ever memorize all names from the first introduction anyway? “Hey I’d like you to meet Nicole, Dana, Kesha, David, Joe, Lucy, and Mark” If you could match all names with the faces the first time, then you sir, are a genius. 🙂 So as I’ve said, I’ve been in this situation a couple of times, but I never let myself be so obvious. Usually I just walk around like a bawsss and hope someone calls him/her so I would finally remember his/her name…then go like “WHOOOAAAHH!! Hey <insert name here>! Musta?“. Easy peazy.

Well this was just part of the conversation. Somewhat, somewhere, I was kinda lost just looking at her. I’m just glad we finally had a proper conversation than just the hi’s and hello’s. 🙂


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