Clocks on FF

It’s been a long time WordPress since the last time I wrote an entry.

Everything’s pretty much fast forward nowadays. I can’t have enough time for anything anymore. I still have to balance my academics with my dancing. I have pretty much fucked up teachers for my minors, and I’m not doing any progress lately with my majors. Aside from doing required homeworks given almost daily, I have to deal with different kinds of people since I have to teach my choreography every once in a while. Since I’m the newly appointed president of our division’s dance crew, I have to take the gift/curse of implementing the rules without getting anyone offended.

Oh and rules.. I don’t like to do them too. But I understand they are necessary if we want to attain a certain goal. In my case, we had very limited time regarding out presentation for the CS Orientation, and we need to budget each practice efficiently.  

I’m trying to sleep as early as I can, too. A hard thing to do for an insomniac. I’ve been doing so much stuff that all I can do is spend extra time at night to finish all of it. End result? Sleepy class hours and sickly mood. -___-

I’ll try my best to add another entry as much as possible. Though I don’t think I have the time to do that int eh upcoming weeks. There’s just a lot things I need to catch up on. So, til we meet again, WP. 🙂


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